Safe Medication – ISMP’s Top 10 Errors And Hazards

Live Webinar | Laura A. Dixon | From: Sep 10, 2021 - To: Dec 31, 2021

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Safe Medication – ISMP’s Top 10 Errors And Hazards: Opioid Use, IV Infusion Pump Hazards, IV Medication, Mixtures Outside Pharmacy, And More

ISMP published its annual “Top 10” issues on medication errors and hazards. There are many requirements that must be met when the patient is provided their first opioid. This webinar will discuss common errors and hazards related to medication administration. 

Also covered will be CDC opioid guidelines, Joint Commission final pain management guidelines, federal guidelines for opioid programs, the opioid epidemic, and required hospital policies and training. The CMS standards on the care of the patient receiving opioids will be addressed, which also apply to critical access hospitals. 

This session by our expert speaker Laura Dixon will also cover the ISMP IV Push guidelines for adults and the National Action Plan for ADR prevention related to the opioid recommendations. The CMS final worksheet on QAPI will be covered regarding the tracking of medication administration errors and adverse drug reactions. The CDC's final opioid guidelines are also discussed.

Staff education on the safe opioid use policy is required by CMS and includes an assessment of the patient to determine who will be at risk for an adverse event from the use of IV opioids including PCA. This webinar includes education on the side effects and how to recognize them.

Webinar Objectives:-

  • Recall ISMP Top 10 Medication Errors and hazards
  • Describe error-prone abbreviations, symbols, or dose designations
  • Discuss CMS 32-page memo on medication administration and safe opioid use
  • Describe that all medications must be administered within three different time frames
  • Recall that CMS has required policies and education requirements on medication administration and safe opioid use
  • Recall that the CDC issued opioid prescribing guidelines

Webinar Agenda:-

  • ISMP 2020 Top 10 medication errors and hazards
  • ISMP 26 pages of guidelines on IV Push medication
  • CDC Opioid Guidelines 
  • Federal guidelines for opioid programs
  • TJC pain management guidelines 
  • Changes: medication administration, IV, blood, and opioid safe use, and immediate post-op care
  • National Action Plan for ADE prevention
  • Incidence of medication errors and ADEs
  • Assessment and safe use of opioids
  • CMS Conditions of Participation related to medication administration including “nine rights” and timing of medications.

Who Should Attend?

  • Chief nursing officer
  • All nurses with direct patient care
  • Nurse managers
  • Nurse supervisors
  • Nurse educator
  • Pharmacists
  • Director of the pharmacy
  • Compliance officer
  • Chief of medical staff
  • Medical staff coordinator
  • Risk manager
  • Patient safety officer
  • Senior leadership
  • Hospital legal counsel
  • PI director
  • Joint Commission coordinator
  • Regulatory officers
  • Chief operating officer
  • Physicians
  • Education department staff
  • Audit staff
  • Others, responsible for compliance with hospital regulations including documentation compliance.